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Art Knife Invitational Makers

Ron Appleton
Van Barnett
Fred Carter
Jim Ence
Kai Embretsen
Henry Frank
Larry Fuegen
Tim Hancock
Tim Herman
Steve Hoel
Steve Johnson
Dietmar Kressler
Wolfgang Loerchner
Bob Loveless
Steven Rapp
Pierre Reverdy
Stephen Schwarzer
John Smith
Jurgen Steinau
C. Gray Taylor
Dwight Towell
Michael Walker
Julie Warenski
Yoshindo Yoshihara
The Art Knife Invitational is an association of 25 of the world’s most collectible knifemakers. The association is formed for the purpose of creating a one-day show and sale for an invited group of discriminating collectors. The 25 knifemakers that make up the AKI are listed here. This is a closed association of makers. If a maker drops out of this show, a new maker must be voted in by the remaining 24 makers. This is the only way new makers are selected. The competition created within this group causes the creation of some wonderful and innovative knives.

Each of the 25 makers will bring to the show a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 knives created especially for this show. Collectors will receive a catalog listing every knife in the show and a price list for each knife. Nothing is pre-sold. The first three hour segment of this show is the “intent to purchase” period where a collector will have the chance to place an “intent to purchase” slip on any knife he/she wishes to buy. At the close of this period the luck-of-the-draw begins. The collector drawn for each knife has the first option to purchase. If a sale does not occur, subsequent drawings are held at 15 minute intervals.

This show is held every two years to allow the makers time to prepare and is limited to 175 buyers. It is a completely hosted day, both food and drink in an elegant atmosphere. The sale portion of the show closes around 2:30 pm and the rest of the day is a hospitality social where collectors and makers can socialize and trade knives. A buffet dinner is served at 7 pm in the hotel.

This show is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your collection or buy a good investment piece or collectible since the emphasis is on more innovative work. Past AKI shows have been the showplace for these makers to unveil new models, new locking mechanisms, new trademarks, one of a kind creations and overall a lot of really creative work.

The 11th Art Knife Invitational will be held Saturday, October 27, 2007 at the San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina in San Diego, California. If you are interested in receiving more information on future shows, please send your name and address to Art Knife Invitational, 2803 Emerson Street, San Diego, CA 92106.
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